Mother’s House – Psycho

A meticulous recreation of the house from Alfred Hitchock’s Psycho, in matchsticks

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Made by studying floor plans and photos of the original film set, this loving homage to the legendary horror movie is an accurate scale recreation of this iconic creepy house. If you look closely, you can even see Mother’s silhouette in her bedroom window.

Made from matchsticks

Width: 11cm
Height: 15cm
Depth: 19cm

One of my all time favourite films, from one of my all time favourite directors, Psycho was probably one of the first scary films I saw as a child, and the house where Norman Bates and his “mother” lived was a big part of the creepy factor. It looms large over the film like a character in itself and is instantly recognisable with its American Gothic style. This recreation is made entirely out of matchsticks, with coloured cardboard for the window interiors.

Available to buy in the shop